4 Qualities Retail Applicants Expect When Applying—And How Chatbots Can Meet the Expectations

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The world has gone digital. Millennials and younger generations are used to interacting with brands via online chats, asking chatbots questions regarding online orders, and expecting an immediate answer to their question regardless of the medium.


When it comes to recruiting in the retail market, the expectation is no different. Simply put, when a candidate reaches out, an immediate and pleasant response via a chatbot helps create a positive first impression and a competitive advantage (and ultimately long-lasting retention).


There are four interactions candidates expect when applying to a prospective retail company—and chatbots help meet all their needs.


      1. 1. Transparency. Candidates want transparency about the company and the job they’re applying for, and chatbots can provide just that. By answering questions and scheduling interviews, candidates will know information about the role and if they’re a qualified fit through the chatbot screening process. Chatbots also reduce the interview scheduling ping pong by allowing candidates to schedule interviews through the bot.
      2. 2. Authenticity. Candidates want to know that they’ll be a valued employee at your company—chatbots are the best place to start. Via artificial intelligence, chatbots respond to candidates’ questions and answers with a human touch, making the entire experience authentic. An authentic first interaction also lessens interview “no shows”.
      3. 3. Accessibility. When a candidate is job hunting and comes across a retail company they want to apply to, 24/7 availability helps create instant (and positive) engagement. Chatbots are accessible to candidates any time they research and apply to your company, which shows that you care about hearing from them. Chatbots also lead to more completed applications.
      4. 4. Responsiveness. When a candidate asks a question to a human outside of working hours, they won’t receive a response until the employee is back in the office—which risks having the candidate disengage with your company. With chatbots, candidates can receive answers to their questions the instant they ask them, which increases the time to hire from weeks to days.


Meeting the needs of your candidates in the competitive retail field will put you at the top of your competition—meaning you’ll interact with and recruit the best in the market. Consider implementing a chatbot to put your company at the top.


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