COVID 19 “Rapid Hire” Business Assistance Program: All Essential Businesses Get Chattr AI Hiring Chatbot FREE

With our world currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand it can be difficult to adjust our shifting reality.

As we navigate this challenging situation together, supporting the retail industry is our top priority. In times like these we must unite as a community of leaders and hard workers to give what we can.  Consequently, we are turning to our most important company value, giving.

In response to the essential business hiring surge, we are announcing our Rapid Hire Initiative. This initiative aims to manage the surge of applicants while minimizing the time-to-hire for qualified essential businesses, like grocers and convenience stores.  

You can read more about it here: “Rapid Hire”

Our goal is to help prepare these essential businesses to address the highly acute service demand.

“Rapid Hire” will allow these businesses to use our AI hiring chatbot free of charge for 90 days

Apply for the free program here

We will respond the same day and have your company’s chat bot deployed the next day without any code or integration required.     

Who Qualifies for the Rapid Hire Program?

 COVID-19 is creating challenges for all of us. Essential businesses on the front lines supporting our communities are being hit especially hard.  

We’re running mostly on the honor system here but we know many of you are struggling so we’d like to help you weather the storm.

How the Rapid Hire Initiative Helps

With an immense hiring surge taking place, companies do not have the luxury of an extensive hiring process that pulls individuals from working the floor. 

  • Reducing Time of Hire

Fast time to hire is especially essential during our current social climate as companies need additional employees as soon as possible. Hiring an employee can take weeks to carry out, due to the need to sift through hundreds of applicants and then negotiate a mutual time to interview. Chattr screens applicants in an average of 7 minutes and immediately schedules qualified applicants to interview which allows for same day hiring. In no time your company will be fully staffed and prepared for the fight against COVID-19. 

  • Reducing Cost to Hire

            According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the cost of using a traditional hiring process averages $4,129 per hire. It is inevitable to acknowledge the effect that COVID-19 is having on our economy, as many companies decide to increase wages and provide severance packages.        Organizations should aim to cut costs where they can, and our free initiative allows for just that.

If you’re interested in participating in the Rapid Hire initiative, Click here now. 

We wish you an abundance of health and optimism during these times. We encourage you to be empathetic, stay at home if you can, spread love and giving, and take the recommended precautions set in place by the CDC,

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