Engaging Hourly Employees During Halloween

Halloween brings opportunities for hourly businesses to boost team morale, sales, and their employer brand through decorative environments, contests, themed perks, customer promotions, and inclusive engagement.

Decorate Your Business 

Show your seasonal spirit by decorating retail spaces, back offices, break rooms, and more with engaging Halloween décor. Adorn lobbies with spider webs, skeletons, printed backdrop scenes for selfies, animatronic displays, and other spooky yet family-friendly elements. Use decor to transform your environment and delight both employees and customers.

Make it interactive by setting up photo stations with props and signage employees and shoppers can pose with to share on social media. Use branded hashtags to offer daily social media contests awarding prizes for photos featuring your decorations.  

Keep it fresh by adding new décor weekly in October leading up to Halloween. Go bigger closer to the 31st with elaborate haunted houses, giant inflatable characters, ambient sounds, and more immersive experiences. Surprise staff on actual Halloween with office-wide makeovers overnight. 

Retail experts say themed environments can increase holiday foot traffic and sales. But be sure the decor aligns with your employer’s brand personality and aesthetic. Appoint a “culture committee” to manage all activations.

Incentivize Employees with Contests 

Incentivize staff to show Halloween spirit through engaging contests with prizes like gift cards, extra paid time off, or company swag. Challenge teams to creatively decorate their workstations, incorporating seasonal touches along with your brand elements. Offer prizes for the most creative, funniest, or team-coordinated setups. 

Have employees vote on winning cubicles. Keep the tone light and inclusive, as some staff may not personally celebrate Halloween. Beyond decorating contests, offer raffles rewarding those who dress up in costumes on October 31st. Consider categories like most creative, funny, or original costumes.  

Offer department or company-wide rewards like a pizza party for the team with the highest participation levels in your various engagements. Feature select contest winners internally as models of culture.

To heighten awareness, publicize contests via breakroom posters, your employee app, and emails. Host award ceremonies announcing winners company-wide. Contests, games, and friendly competitions excite the organization while bringing levity to the workplace.

Provide Themed Perks 

Provide themed food and beverage perks throughout October to spread seasonal cheer in your office or store. Bring in candy bowls filled with trick-or-treat favorites – fun-size chocolate bars, lollipops, gummy snacks, etc. Set up hot cocoa and apple cider drink stations. Order Halloween sugar cookies or cupcakes with orange and black icing. 

Host potlucks, lunches, or food truck gatherings with creepy eats like monster eyeball deviled eggs or skeleton finger sandwiches. Provide daily snacks like caramel apples, pumpkin bread, or doughnuts with Halloween sprinkles and toppings in the break room. 

Organize group activities like carving jack-o-lanterns, decorating ghost or witch sugar cookies, or pumpkin painting contests during breaks, after shifts, or as team building events. Offering holiday nibbles and activities builds camaraderie and brightens employees’ shifts.

Consider tying themed treats and snacks to employee recognition moments. Bring in catered breakfast or personalized cookies to celebrate a team’s accomplishments. According to HR experts, pairing food perks with values-based recognition strengthens engagement and culture.

Engage Customers 

Drive holiday sales through themed customer promotions and engagement tactics. Offer Halloween discounts like $5 off purchases over $25 or 15% off select items. Send promotional emails and social posts spotlighting your specials.

Hand out candy like lollipops to children and coupons to adults making purchases. Display product giveaways triggering free seasonal items with qualified basket sizes. Retail analysts say limited-time holiday specials and freebie promotions incentivize bigger purchases and store visits.

Share photos on social media of your decorations, products dressed up for Halloween, and customers engaging with your activations using seasonal hashtags. Repost user-generated content showing individuals enjoying the experience you created. 

Leverage the holiday excitement to strengthen community connections and highlight your festive brand personality. Train staff on productively interacting with shoppers to provide helpful guidance, highlight promotions, and drive add-on sales through recommendations. Capture email signups for future marketing during checkout moments.

According to social media researchers, interactive holiday content sees higher engagement. But ensure your activities present your employer brand positively, not just commercially.

Be Inclusive 

While getting into the Halloween spirit, be mindful that not all staff celebrate or feel comfortable with some traditions. Ensure participation in activities like costume contests and spooky décor is completely voluntary. 

Accommodate cultural, religious, or personal reasons for not joining Halloween-themed events through supportive and flexible policies. Offer opt-out options or additional paid time off for those not wishing to partake. 

Provide inclusive alternative activities, like simply wearing fall colors rather than costumes or setting up Thanksgiving decoration stations alongside Halloween ones. Make festivities focused on organizational culture and camaraderie, not assumptions around cultural holidays. 

Foster an environment where employees feel psychologically safe to be themselves. Leadership should clarify that inclusion means respecting and embracing individuals’ differences. According to workplace culture experts, the most successful organizations honor diversity while still building community.

If opt-outs become significant, re-evaluate events or perks potentially marginalizing segments of your staff. Seek representative input through employee resource groups on creating holiday activities that are equally comfortable for all.

Halloween provides engaging opportunities to delight employees and customers when managed thoughtfully. Its spirit can boost sales, morale, and employer brand if implemented strategically and inclusively. Chattr’s recruitment automation simplifies hiring standout talent to support these initiatives.

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