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Frequently Asked Questions:
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What is Chattr?

Chattr is a recruitment marketing technology platform built to create meaningful candidate experiences while optimizing talent acquisition teams.  


What is Chattr?

Recruiter Concierge is an AI-powered digital assistant that has human-like conversations by using Natural Language Processing and dialog management to instantly connect, engage and guide candidates through interview pre-screening tasks.


What is the Recruiter Portal?

Recruiter Portal is the central dashboard of Chattr.  It provides a comprehensive view into the candidate pre-screen results. Recruiter Portal allows organizations to manage teams, create jobs for recruiter concierge and to manage candidates.


How does Chattr work?

Recruiter Concierge interacts with your candidates via the web application chat window that sits on the job page.  Based on the job criteria you establish and using AI, NLP and Dialogue Management, Recruiter Concierge will orchestrate a human-like conversation and analyze the answers to the questions it asks.


Does Chattr schedule interviews?

Yes!  You can link your calendar from the Recruiter Portal and Recruiter Concierge can schedule phone interviews with candidates based on your availability and preferences.  


How do I add Jobs?

You can add new jobs for Recruiter Concierge from the Recruiter Portal by navigating to Jobs > Create New Job.  Add information like Job Title, Location, Job Type and screening criteria like years of experience, professional certifications and more.


Where are my jobs posted?

Your jobs are posted to your company specific career page created by Chattr, where candidates can apply directly.  Chattr will also syndicate your jobs automatically on Google Job Search pages.


How does Chattr know what questions to ask?

You can choose which screening questions you’d like Recruiter Concierge to ask your candidates when creating your job posting in Recruiter Portal.  Screening questions are organized by question type and can be customized to fit your specific hiring needs.


How do I view candidates?

Candidates can be viewed in the Recruiter Portal, along with their application details and resumes.  You can “short list” or “pass on” candidates from the portal, as well as save notes to a candidates profile.

All candidates are saved to your Talent Pool for future consideration but can be archived and deleted as necessary.

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