How the Most Successful Companies are Hiring Hourly Teams Effectively

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One of the biggest concerns when it comes to managing a retail store or running a restaurant is hiring the best people.  But the questions don’t stop there. In today’s highly competitive hourly workforce market you have to take your actual hiring process into consideration.  So how does one easily hire and attract such great employees?


Everyday major companies use compelling and simple recruitment strategies to bring in top tier talent. Starbucks emphasizes getting to know the applicant on a personal level before even introducing them to the job. Target focuses on teamwork and supporting its employees through each aspect of their life besides just during their shifts.


These wildly successful organizations go further into trying to quickly meet their candidates and understand how they are as a person through easy applications and interview processes. Technology giant Apple takes pride in its rapid applications through a completion rate of about 5 minutes. It is apparent that a fast and effortless application can lead to a very successful business.


The new wave of technology is always inching towards making life simpler for those in the retail and restaurant business. Everyday there are improved ways of hiring that simplify the process further than it had been before. A huge up and coming method of application is through the use of chatbots that help candidates quickly apply to the job.


Chatbots are fast application forms that help the applicant utilize their time when applying to a potential job. Chattr’s chatbots schedule interviews in an average of 3 minutes and 21 seconds. This way of hiring lessens the frustration from both the giving and receiving ends for a business, and helps find employees a whole lot easier.


There are tons of other companies that have unique ways of captivating more employees. Whether it be through learning their grandmother’s middle name or shortened applications, they always know how to reel them in, and your business deserves a way to do that as well.


There are tons of companies that have unique ways of captivating more employees.  Some other great approaches to improve your hourly hiring rate is through making the application shorter, personalizing the process, and being attentive to the potential employees. Putting time and effort into focusing on them greatly improves your chances of hiring great people because it shows that you care about them.

If there is one thing that people always want to see, whether in hiring or just everyday life, it’s that you care.

Want to learn more hourly hiring best practices?  Give Chattr a call today. Our industry expert talent coaches are ready to help you perfect your hiring process to attract the best talent during this unprecedented time.


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