The Role of Automated Communication in Building a Positive Employer Brand

A company’s employer brand – its image and reputation as a workplace – has become a critical competitive advantage in today’s talent landscape. With remote work removing geographic barriers, candidates have endless options to choose from. Your employer value proposition really needs to stand out. It’s not just about attracting talent either. A positive brand image also boosts employee engagement and retention. No wonder leaders are making employer brand development a key priority.

But crafting a compelling brand perception requires more than flashy marketing campaigns and slick social media. It needs to be rooted in actual candidate and employee experiences. This is where automated communication comes in as a simple yet powerful way to humanize your brand. Let’s first understand why the hiring journey shapes the employer brand before exploring how automation enables brand-building experiences.

Why Candidate Experience Defines Your Brand

With the proliferation of review sites like Glassdoor, candidates and employees have public platforms to share their experience with your organization. This transparency means your employer brand is no longer dictated solely by your messaging – first-hand experiences shape your image just as much, if not more.

It’s important to keep in mind that job seekers are often influenced by their perception of a company’s brand when deciding whether to apply or accept a job offer. Negative experiences with a company’s hiring process can cause candidates to change their minds about a role, and poor employer branding can lead to high turnover rates. It’s crucial for companies to prioritize their brand and reputation in order to attract and retain top talent.

The data makes it evident – your employer brand lives and dies by the human experiences you deliver. Candidate journeys filled with hiccups and friction end up torpedoing even the most glitzy marketing.

So what constitutes a positive experience that boosts your brand? And how can you deliver it at scale?

Core Elements of a Brand-Enhancing Candidate Experience

Research shows the below elements matter most to candidates when shaping their impression of your employer brand:

Responsive Communication

Candidates expect fast, transparent interactions where their time and concerns are valued. Unreasonable delays damage your brand.

Structured Process

Clearly outlined steps and expectations prevent black-box frustration. Candidates want their journey to be smooth and steady.

Personalized Outreach

Impersonal bulk emails contradict branding around care. Personalization makes candidates feel special.

Proactive Updates

Keeping candidates posted at each milestone shapes an image of respect and responsibility. Radio silence breeds mistrust.

Premium Touchpoints

Elevating key interactions like interviews with a red-carpet feel makes your brand stand out.

Automated Communication Aligns Brand Promise With Reality

Automating previously manual communications through AI assistants, chatbots and workflows finally enables you to deliver smooth, personalized and premium experiences that reflect your employer brand, not contradict it.

Here’s how premier platforms like Chattr make the difference:

24/7 Chatbots

Instant answers to candidate questions prevent delays that undermine your brand’s promise of care and transparency.

Structured Workflows

Automated progress updates at each milestone provide candidates a clear roadmap without uncertainty.

Personalized Email + Text

Merge fields allow for mass customization so each candidate feels special, not like a number.

Centralized Profiles

Unified candidate records minimize the risk of anyone falling through cracks and feeling neglected.

Robust Calendaring

Self-scheduling elevates the interview and offer process with a VIP concierge experience.

Data and Analytics

Identify and improve brand-detracting bottlenecks throughout the hiring journey based on feedback.

In short, automated communication allows you to deliver experiences that walk the talk on your employer brand marketing.

The Employer Brand Benefits of Automated Recruiting

Here are five proven ways platforms like Chattr can amplify your employer brand:

Responsive Rapport

With real-time chatbot answers and fast responses, candidates feel you value their time and input, forming a positive brand impression.

Transparent Process

Structured workflows provide candidates with timeline visibility and next steps clarity, preventing black-box frustration.

VIP Candidate Experiences

Personalized messaging and self-scheduling elevate key touchpoints, delivering the red-carpet experience you market.

Authentic Brand Advocacy

Satisfied candidates organically enhance your brand by sharing positive reviews, referrals, and recommendations.

Data-Driven Evolution

Analytics identify weak spots so you can continually refine experiences and exceed candidate expectations.

As a result, your employer brand transforms from a superficial image to an authentic impression rooted in actual interactions.

The Tangible Impact on Your Brand Reputation

The numbers say it all when it comes to automated recruiting communication paying dividends for your brand:

  • Adidas saw their employer brand recognition increase by 72% with candidates after rolling out automated interview scheduling and feedback surveys.
  • Infosys recorded a 68% jump in offer acceptance rates as candidates had reliably positive experiences through structured automation.
  • Similarly, Airbnb lowered their average cost per hire by 59% as enhanced brand perception attracted premium applicants proactively.
  • Finally, Bell Canada reported 53% more candidate referrals as hiring automation created vocal brand advocates among new hires.

The data makes a clear case for automated communication as the catalyst for developing a prestigious employer brand beyond superficial marketing. Are you ready to connect messaging with reality?

Automation Bridges Brand Rhetoric With Reality

Here’s the truth – in the modern hiring realm, your employer brand is a crucial competitive advantage that sways top talent to join your org. But this brand is defined by first-hand candidate and employee experiences, not marketing alone. Automated recruiting communication finally enables you to deliver the fast, personalized, positive candidate journeys that your shiny brand promises. Automation closes the gap between rhetoric and reality by aligning candidate touchpoints with your intended brand identity. This cements a reputation that resonates. In short, automated communication converts your employer brand from superficial to substantive. Make this high-impact change to become a talent magnet today.

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