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Source more applicants. Automate recruiting tasks. Make hiring the easiest part of your day.

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The first ever end-to-end recruiting platform, powered by an AI digital assistant, that automates service industry hiring from “hello to hired.”

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top brands trust chattr with their hiring

We hired 60 people so far this month! This is outrageous and all thanks to Chattr making hiring super quick, efficient, and easy!
MariaAnna Serricchio | Human Resource Director

handling job postings to onboarding and everything in-between

Chattr acts like your helpful on-demand recruiting team managing your hiring process, 24/7. Introducing your company, sourcing candidates, pre-qualifying them, scheduling interviews and managing them through the first day. Your managers simply interview and make hiring decisions. It really is that easy!

get more applicants
automate hiring tasks
re-engage past applicants
reduce your no-shows
track candidate progress
onboard with ease
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outperforming the status quo by miles.

applicants love chattr

98% positive experience rating

93% completed applications

91% of interviews booked in seconds

businesses love chattr

62% more applicants

88% less time hiring

21% less no-shows

With Chattr, my general managers don’t spend any time screening applicants or scheduling interviews. Game changer!
Heather Kubala | Area Director
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