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Retail & Grocery Hiring, Simplified.

Experience same day hiring with Chattr's AI-powered chatbot that sources, screens and schedules top applicants, automatically.

Hire the Best, First

With Chattr’s simple anytime, anywhere conversational application you’ll be first to engage the best candidates.

Get More Time Back

Chattr's automation handles all the repetitive hiring tasks, freeing your store managers up for the more important stuff.

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Same Day Hiring

Chattr's AI-powered automation manages your hiring process from job posting to offer. You'll increase completed applications, hire top quality candidates faster, and save tons of time doing it.

Instant Engagement

Engage applicants instantly, 24/7, online, through text or in-store. You’ll stand out with a responsive personalized application while beating your competitors to top candidates.

Precise Screening

Plug-and-play Chattrbot is easily configured to screen applicants based on your hiring criteria. You’ll eliminate application reviews and phone screens from your store managers completely.

Convenient Scheduling

Prequalified applicants are automatically scheduled for in-person interviews based on your team’s calendar. No more wasted time on scheduling ping-pong or phone tag.

Valuable Tracking

View and track applicant hiring progress through Chattr’s easy-to-use dashboard. Access real-time data, candidate’s profiles, chat transcripts and start onboarding all in more place.

What’s All the Chattr About?

“I’ve been a store manager interviewing 30 years. When you said it would save me time playing phone tag setting up interviews, I didn’t believe you. I never knew how much time was taken from me."

“I’ve asked every single candidate what they thought.  Every single one really liked it. They really liked that they knew right away. I had a few of them say they wished every single company had an application like this”

“I hired 8 people in 3 days. It would have taken me 50 calls to get even 1 interview scheduled in the same 3 days and those 8 people are already working the floor.”

“Chattr™ captures the best applicants first at the moment they are most likely to join Bealls, leaving the unqualified for others.”

“I hired 7 people in two days.  They were here, I didn’t have to do anything but interview them” You solved a big problem.  It’s a huge win.”

“I hired 8 people in 3 days. It would have taken me 50 calls to get even 1 interview scheduled in the same 3 days and those 8 people are already working the floor.”

Never Be Understaffed Again

Let’s increase the things that matter.

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“95.3% of Chattr applicants had previous retail experience. This surprisingly helped us win in the pennies game of retail.”

CJ Pisieczko | Talent Acquisition Manager

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