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Driven by AI automation so you can be more human.

We started Chattr to do our part in solving the Home Healthcare recruiting crisis. Sterile applications, inefficient processes and a lack of transparency only compound the challenges of finding and hiring top quality candidates.

We’re using AI automation to empower humanity throughout your recruiting process. This means replacing the mundane with what matters, converting mind-numbing applications to stimulating conversations and turning overwhelmed recruiters into highly efficient talent magnets.

Our first-of-its-kind home healthcare recruiting platform combines intuitive artificial intelligence, delightful chatbots and a little bit of love to create an amazing experience for both your candidates and your hiring teams. An experience that differentiates your company, attracts higher quality candidates and leads to better hiring decisions.

Let’s hire more humanly together.

Our Values


Do what you say, 100% of the time


Candid opinions, loosely held


Lead with love and be nice


Be intuitive, empathetic and inspiring


Chatting, openly, solves every problem


Always do the right thing

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