Frontline onboarding: fast easy done

Get your new frontline hires ready for their first day while freeing up your hiring teams to focus on more impactful work with a fully customizable mobile onboarding experience.

"We had 60 people start so far this month. That's outrageous, and it's all thanks to Chattr making the process super easy."

MariaAnna Serricchio - VP Human Resources, Radiant - Dunkin' Franchise

Rapid Onboarding

Get your new hires started instantly with one-touch onboarding.

Configurable Workflows

Built to handle custom onboarding workflows for each job and location.

Automated Processes

Make onboarding easy for all with efficient automation.

  • Rapid Onboarding

Support new hires with
AI-powered onboarding

A great onboarding experience helps you engage and retain your best employees — even before their first day. Chattr uses AI and automation to create a fast, easy, and dynamic onboarding experience that supports new hires and reduces your manager’s workloads.

Rapid Onboarding

Engage new employees with easy onboarding

Replace stacks of confusing documents with a personable, engaging onboarding experience that’s powered by conversational AI. Seamlessly guide your new hires with a fast, simple, and mobile-friendly experience.

  • Send automated text messages to new hires to start onboarding.
  • Complete required documents with an intuitive mobile experience and nudge notifications.
  • Collect e-signatures quickly using auto-filled fields and data validation.
Configurable Workflows

Support your hiring managers, automagically

Create onboarding guides in minutes. View the fully automated onboarding process through an intuitive mobile dashboard — so you stay focused on welcoming new employees to the team.

  • Create customized onboarding guides, complete with supporting documents and required training.
  • Use the automated onboarding tracker to follow the progress of every new hire.
  • Bring all onboarding documentation into a single, secure location.

Increase your interview-to-hire ratio by 149% by seamlessly connecting recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding

Automated Processes

Connect onboarding into your existing workflows

Chattr Prepare integrates seamlessly into your existing tech stack to support your hiring process and to create a unified platform that provides insights into how you can optimize your onboarding experience.

  • Connect background checks, drug screens, and more.
  • Stay compliant and get credits with integrated E-Verify and WOTC.
  • Supports custom and easy out-of-the-box connections with your current HR system.

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Set new hires up for success during onboarding

See how Chattr Prepare helps you onboard with ease so new employees are excited to start before their first day.