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Chattr replaces archaic frontline recruitment processes with purpose-built conversational AI that enables you to recruit and retain more people with more efficiency than ever before.

"Chattr's automation is incredible! It's cut my recruiting time in half! I now focus my attention on ad strategy and set-up, and NOT loads of time reviewing candidates and manually scheduling interviews - it's a game-changer!"

Sharon Bartimay - Mitchell Management I Jimmy Johns Franchise

Restaurant & Hospitality

Faster, easier hiring for both managers and candidates

Chattr makes life easier for restaurant general managers, district managers, and everyone involved in hiring by automating the tedious administrative work in recruitment — all they need to do is interview and hire.

  • Engage applicants by replacing form-based hiring with mobile-friendly conversational AI, QR codes, and more.
  • Automatically schedule interviews with your most qualified candidates and streamline both screening and onboarding. 
  • Track pending decisions and upcoming interviews through an intuitive and secure manager-friendly dashboard.
  • Leverage your current employees with a referral program, which often leads to higher quality hires.

See what you can do with Chattr:

  • Attract
  • Prepare
  • Sync

Working with leading restaurant & hospitality brands


Built to serve your managers, so they better serve your customers

Chattr streamlines hiring for both store managers and applicants, helping you hire and retain the best store employees at the speed of business.

  • Source top retail candidates from hundreds of sources.
  • Automatically direct and screen candidates to the positions based on their qualifications.
  • Use multi-location analytics for deep insights into how your business attracts, engages, and retains candidates.

See what you can do with Chattr:

  • Attract
  • Prepare
  • Sync

"Chattr reduced our time-to-hire by 88%...from weeks to just days."

CJ Pisieczko, Director of Talent Acquisition

Working with leading retail brands

"We have taken the hour or two hours it took to call, text, or email applicants down to 15 minutes each day."

Mike Dickinson, Director of Recruiting, NHS Management


Find, screen, and qualify candidates you can trust

Chattr conforms to even the most stringent screening guidelines required in senior living communities and other care facilities ensuring you get the most qualified staff your residents will love.

  • Create custom role-based or need-based questions to keep screening relevant.
  • Quickly access candidate profiles to review messages, history, documentation, and other relevant information.
  • Introduce an additional layer to your screening process through Vetty integration.

See what you can do with Chattr:

  • Attract
  • Prepare
  • Sync

Working with leading senior living communities


High-volume recruitment that moves at the speed of operations

Distribution centers, movers, property management, janitorial and more use Chattr to get top ready-to-work employees fast.

  • Automated evergreen jobs so you positions never go unfilled.
  • Fast-track new employees with anytime, anywhere onboarding.
  • Support hiring managers in the field or at headquarters with a simply mobile experience.

See what you can do with Chattr:

  • Attract
  • Prepare
  • Sync

"We have over 200 franchisees using Chattr. It's our secret weapon for hiring even our most hard to fill positions."

Stacy Fetherston - Field Talent Officer

Working with leading labor communities

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Chattr is built to meet the fast-paced hiring needs of the frontline, offering simple, powerful, and intuitive tools that help hiring teams recruit more, retain more, and work more efficiently.