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Fast and easy hiring automation built for the needs of frontline hiring

Attract, screen, interview, and hire the best candidates with an AI-powered platform that simplifies end-to-end hiring for frontline managers.

"Our business is so much better because of Chattr. It took about 25-30 hours of work off my hands and now I’m able to focus that time on more strategic projects."

Sharon Bartimay - Talent Acquisition Mgr. l Mitchell Mgt - Jimmy John's Franchise

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Attract the best applicants from hundreds of job boards


Capture applicants anytime, anywhere with engaging conversational AI


Get more qualified applicants with automated intelligent screening


Allow qualified applicants to instantly book interviews 24/7


Boost interview show rates through personalized reminder notifications


Make informed hiring decisions with detailed Insight and analytics

  • Source
  • Engage
  • Screen
  • Schedule
  • Nurture
  • Analyze

Reinvent how you hire

Eliminate friction from your hiring process with a conversational AI platform that's easy to deploy, implement, and use.


Enable high quality, low cost hiring with modern sourcing

Reach more high-quality candidates wherever they are. Chattr modernizes sourcing by automating job postings, providing easy ways to apply and optimizing your sourcing budget.

  • Automatically push job postings to hundreds of job boards and social media channels from any device.
  • Make it easy for applicants to apply using QR codes and text to apply.
  • Boost job posting visibility through multiple job sponsoring options.
Applicant Engagement

Create a positive applicant experience

Always On

Built for the frontline that never slows down, keep your candidates engaged 24/7 with conversational AI that supports the entire hiring process. Chattr allows applicants to apply whenever they want and continues to support them through an experience they’ll love.

Answer Questions

Conversational AI gives applicants the answers they need wherever they are in the hiring process. Questions about pay, culture and even vacation policies are just a few areas where Chattr can help.

Video Interviews

Drive more engagement and make hiring easy with short, interactive video interviews. Chattr allows candidates to create short, targeted 45-second interview videos to demonstrate their skills, expertise, and qualifications — making it easy for your hiring managers to identify the best candidate for the job.


Instantly screen new applicants while they’re interested

Quickly screen and find the best applicants with automated applicant screening. Chattr screens applicants for you by asking them specific questions about their experience, skills, availability, and more.

Conversational AI Assistant Experience

Applicant Scheduling

Automate booking and rescheduling interviews

Book interviews in minutes, 24/7. Chattr syncs with your hiring manager’s calendar to help qualified applicants schedule an interview immediately. Your hiring managers only need to show up. 

  • Let qualified candidates book their own interviews directly.
  • Automatically matches applicant and hiring manager availability.
  • Get real-time notifications for cancellations and reschedules.
Applicant Nuture

Reduce no shows by up to 40% with friendly SMS reminders before an applicants interview


Automated applicant management your hiring managers will love

Make applicant management as easy as possible for your frontline managers with Chattr’s industry-first automated system. Chattr moves applicants through your workflows so you can stay focused on other tasks.

Track and manage applicants

Stay on top of upcoming interviews, pending decisions, and recent updates.

Gain visibility into active job listings

Find and sort active job listings by role, posting date, current status, and assigned manager.

Permission levels for all teams

Assign permission levels for each member of your team or markets.

Move applicants between hiring managers

Support all areas of the hiring process by transferring applicants to other hiring managers.

Know where every applicant stands

Receive proactive notifications, hiring recommendations, scheduling updates, and more.

Automate applicant

Re-engage past applicants through text messaging and emails with the click of a button.

Applicant Analytics

Make smarter hiring decisions with powerful insights

Gain deep insights into both your applicants and your hiring process through multi-location analytics. Make smarter hiring choices, reduce hiring costs, and optimize how your business attracts and engages with candidates.

  • Analyze multiple locations or drill down to a single location.
  • View deep application metrics that provide insights on each location's performance.
  • Access detailed reports about applicant numbers, interview attendance, and more.

We love our customers, and they love us.


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the best applicants in six minutes per day

Make frontline hiring fast and easy. See how Chattr enables end-to-end hiring in six minutes or less.