Chattr Sync

Make the connection between onboarding and success

Easily bring Chattr into your existing systems with plug-and-play integrations that connect sourcing through onboarding.

“Our managers no longer need to spend time and effort in multiple systems. Chattr streamlined the entire process”

Shiv Patel - Sun Management - Phillips 66 Franchise

Asynchronous Integrations

Customizable and automated solution to deliver new hire data on a scheduled frequency to any system.

Chattr Connectors

Pre-built, fixed-scope integrations available out-of-the-box and ready to connect.

Open APIs

Self-service APIs with native integrations and configurable workflows for your tech stack.

  • Asynchronous Integrations
  • Chattr Connectors
  • Open APIs

Integrate with ease

We integrate with the tools you use every day with plug-and-play connectors and an open API.

Asynchronous Integrations

Simple and scheduled data automation

Connect seamlessly with any system that supports CSV imports. Provides hiring managers and HR with recurring, consistent updates on new hires.

  • Export data to multiple secure file storage systems.
  • Customize data fields to fit your system requirements.
  • Choose delivery schedules with your preferred frequency.
Chattr Connectors

Instantly connect with
pre-built integrations

Supports popular HR & payroll systems

Chattr integrates with popular HR and payroll systems using pre-built integrations that support the seamless flow of data.

Sync onboarding data

Connect onboarding data, including SSN, marital status, wages, and DOB. You can also export custom data using synchronized fields or by adding new candidate records.

Multi-directional synchronization

Chattr enables multi-directional synchronization with certain systems and platforms to support your internal processes.

Open APIs

Support deep integration with the systems you need

Use our seamless self-service open API to build directly on the Chattr platform, or meet your unique needs by working with our integration teams.

  • Build your own integrations and customized workflows.
  • Natively integrate with payroll, HR, and HCM systems.
  • Custom development team available to support.

We love our customers, and they love us.


Create an integrated hiring experience from job posting to onboarding

Make hiring easy with integrations that enable end-to-end frontline hiring. See how Chattr can integrate with your essential systems.