5 Top Hiring Strategies of 2021

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2021 has been just as interesting of a year as 2020. We saw how much work can get done in the comfort of our own homes, permanently altering the work life as we know it. Hiring strategies have drastically changed in both restaurant and retail to fit these new circumstances too. Though as we enter into the final 176 days of 2021, how do we know which ones work best? Well don’t fret.  Here are 5 top hiring strategies to get you through the rest of this beautifully chaotic year.

1. Hiring Virtually
Not only has employee life become virtual, but so has hiring for those stepping out into the workforce. Between Zoom interviews and streamlined recruiting these methods have definitely made getting fresh talent for hourly working a lot easier. A student survey conducted by Handshake claims that almost 50% of respondents feel less daunted by online interviews compared to in-person ones. Taking that type of stress off potential employees can really improve your chances of earning a true star in your business.

2. Keep a Focus on Building Your Current Team

As amazing as it is to hire new employees it is also just as amazing to retain the members already there. Concentrating on the current team helping build your restaurant or retail store and improving their skills will inevitably push them to move into higher positions during their time working and incline them to stay. David Green, a director at Insight222 and people analytics executive consultant, says, “skills are the new talent.” Don’t just eye out new expertise, support the ones already there as well.

3. Podcasts of Employee Testimonials

The podcasting world has become an uncovered hidden gem in the last couple years. Whether it be an eye-opening political discussion on NPR or a pop culture update with Barstool Sports, they are the perfect way to keep a lonely driver company on their daily commutes. Over about 104 million Americans routinely listen to podcasts. Those constantly moving workers are also possible passive candidates for your company. Creating a podcast with employee testimonials can help potential applicants hear for themselves the positive voices of those with firsthand experiences in your store or restaurant. The emotion within the storytelling can strike a chord in listeners that leaves a permanent mark of your business in their mind.  If you find yourself struggling to figure out a good starting point, here is an article with all the podcasting basics to help.

4. Wacky and Fun Advertising

One of the most perfect examples of a company showing that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously is the infamous Geico Hump Day commercial of 2013. It’s perfect combination of weird and comical flair took the entire nation by storm and has been ingrained in our minds for the rest of our lives. This type of advertising catches the eye of not only consumers but also potential employees for the future. It gives a glimpse of a fun and lighthearted company culture, which is what a lot of applicants seem to be looking for.

5. Be Diverse and Inclusive

Feeling like we belong is a human instinct we all want, especially in a place where most of our time and energy is spent during the week. It is important to make sure that everyone in the hourly workspace feels properly represented and that they won’t be judged for who they are. Managing partner at Workplace Intelligence Dan Schwabel said that 70% of people currently seeking out a job want to see a company that is committed to diversity and inclusion. The goal is no longer just trying to make money, it’s trying to make money in a welcoming and accepting environment, and that is a really awesome thing.

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