6 Ways to Win Seasonal Hiring

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It’s truly getting to be that time of the year folks, hiring seasonal employees is upon us once again. Dealing with the holiday rush can be a hassle so we all know that bringing in those extra hands to keep your workplace train chuggin’ is a real gem for any hourly business.


In fact, the months ranging from Halloween to New Years are the height of the year that people look for part-time hourly employment. June happens to also be an important timeframe in which job hunters seek positions from businesses. People want cash to spend, especially when the holidays and summertime hit.


You’re probably asking yourself, “That’s all fine and dandy, but why should I focus so much on seasonal hiring?


It’s understandable that you may be questioning my words, but let me tell you the astounding benefits that come with finding temporary workers.

. Say it with me now, LOWER PAYROLL. Due to the fact that your employees will only be working a short amount of time, that means less costs incurred for your company. There are also opportunities for paying at lower rates and not paying overtime costs as long as the laws of seasonal hiring are being followed.

This is the perfect opportunity to find employees who you may want to extend a job offer to in the future or at the end of their time during the season. Look at it like a trial, you observe them carrying out the store’s tasks which helps get to know their work ethic. If you like how they support the business then maybe you could keep them for more than just four months. A study conducted by the American Staffing Association found that 35% of seasonal employee respondents were offered long term positions by their employers and 66% of them accepted.

. Accepting more short-term workers can create more schedule flexibility for your usual staff which can lead to more appreciation from them to the store or restaurant. More appreciation boosts employee morale and excitement for their jobs.



Now that you know a little more about why this can work largely to your benefit, here are some unique ways for hiring your seasonal peeps in 2021:

1. Seasonal Hiring Events (Virtual or In-Person)

I was scouring the internet and came across a seasonal hiring event that was put on for specific locations of Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works. The companies posted the positions needing to be filled and ran a whole virtual session where applicants came to be interviewed. This is a wonderful opportunity to draw in multiple people at once and compare their skill sets while also filling the position quickly.

Use SEO Hacks
Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to even regular job postings. Titling the positions with the word “seasonal” in the front can help job seekers find your listing a lot easier through search engines such as Google and Bing, which tends to be the first places people go to when searching for jobs.

Look into Attracting Retirees
Retired folk have a really great work ethic that has already been built over a number of years. A lot of former full-timers also seem to prefer finding part-time employment because it not only provides them with things to do during their day but also extra spending money for their pockets. They can also bring in great leadership skills that could rub off on the younger employees and boost their skill sets too.

4. Reach Out to Current Employees

Instead of working to find a new fresh face that your team has never seen before, ask your workers if they know anyone looking for open positions. You could incentivize them, possibly with hiring bonuses, to reach out to friends and family about job opportunities and if they are hired then the employee will receive an award of some sort.

5. Offer End of Season Bonuses

Sometimes seasonal employees don’t stay till the end of their seasons. This could be due to an event out of your control, but also due to one that could be in your control. In order to persuade them to stay their full term, mention in job descriptions that they will receive bonuses at the end of their employment for their service to the company.

6. Provide Flexible Scheduling

The heights of seasonal hiring tend to be around the busiest times of the year for almost everyone. Giving the potential workers a chance to alter their schedule, within reason, is a great way to not only attract candidates but also earn respect quickly. It would be best to mention this in the job description within the application so that it is known before even hitting the apply button.


Holiday season is just around the corner which creates a busy time for retailers and restaurants. Using tips like these to bring in more team members can really help boost the chances of a smoother and less stressful working environment for everyone. Now go be great and keep your business booming as we round out these last few months of 2021!











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