the future of hourly hiring, today.

our position.
Every connection is an opportunity to hire great people and build great businesses. That's why we're inspired by real human connections and the role that conversation plays in making this a reality. By removing the mundane you make room for the meaningful.
our vision.
We envision a time when hiring is the easiest part of your day. By handling all the repetitive, redundant, and mundane tasks - executives, managers, and owners are finally free to reinvest their valuable time into the important parts of their jobs.
our mission.
It's time to reinvent hourly hiring. That's why we created a different way. One that removes all the frustrations, which in turn gives back valuable time, peace of mind, and the most talented employees.
our mission.

chattr is built on personalized AI, but thrives on what it means to be human.

how we
raise the HR
software bar.

look forward.

This speaks to more than just how much we enjoy our work, it tells our clients we see the future coming and we're prepared for it.

open up.

This is how we communicate and how we build on each other. Everyone's point is valid. Everyone is heard. Every day is better than the day before. Always moving up.

go all in.

We give our all for our clients. We give our all for each other. We give back to the community. And we care immensely about the work.

be the brand.

We're with our clients all the way.

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