How QR Codes Can Be Your Secret Hiring Weapon

QR codes have alway been an interesting part of our lives. It’s funny that anyone can just pull out their phone, open a camera to scan, and then boom, you are immediately at the page you want in seconds. A tool like this makes life easier for consumers and can inevitably make your life easier too, especially when it comes to hiring.

The popularity and way we use QR codes have risen greatly since its dawn by Japanese company Denso Wave back in 1994. I remember in 2013 when you actually had to download a random scanner app on your phone in order to use one and now it can be done just through our cameras, satisfying that instant gratification that many so desperately crave in our society. 

They are constantly being used in the world around us too. Statista ran a survey in June 2021 which found that 45% of respondents in the United States scanned marketing QR codes within the past 3 months, with most being between the ages of 18 and 29.

You could use this secret weapon to your advantage when it comes to finding employees in this highly competitive environment for your business.

This outer-internet hyperlinking could be leveraged in the hiring world for both retail and restaurants. Using QR Codes to link potential employees to your job application can really improve your chances of hiring a lot more often. It’s fast pace and easily available qualities make the process a lot smoother and less stressful for those looking to work.

Another beauty of this tactic is that it can also be placed anywhere in our environment for people to access the content being pushed out.

Want to print one on a t-shirt? Sure. Your employees can wear them during shifts so that way if a customer, who happens to be looking for a job, comes, they can easily just scan their shirt and fill out an application while waiting for their food.

Feel like pasting one at the drive-thru window on the glass? Of course you can. The average wait time for a customer at the drive-thru window is currently 356.8 seconds, over 5 minutes. All that time sitting there can give them a chance to complete the form and have an interview within minutes.

You can even have them stamped onto the tables in your business. Whether someone is finishing a meal in a booth or browsing the clearance counter at your store, the code for your job applications can face the eyes of job hunters 24/7.

This tool is also great for employee referral programs. Codes can be placed on flyers to hang in the break rooms for employees and after scanning the image they will be brought to a page where they can input their name, email, phone, and work location. Once that is complete a terms of agreement to register for the program will pop up and after acceptance they can start referring others to their company to be employed. Those referred will get an SMS text and email which can link them straight to the company job boards.

Making life simpler for potential employees is a great way to attract them to your restaurant or retail store. QR codes help speed up the hiring process by making applications conveniently reachable and scheduling interviews within a matter of minutes. 

This kind of technology can truly provide an opportunity to boost the success in the hourly hiring field. It’s time to get out there and be the best that you can be for your business.

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