How to Attract Gen Z Employees

The internet babies are taking over! We are all now watching as Generation Z (anyone born in the years of 1997-2012) becomes a vital importance to the hourly workforce.

According to Americans, the average age that a person should take on their first job is 15.5 years old. This means that anyone born as late as 2006 is now on the hunt to make some dough for those weekend dates with their significant other or a chill movie night with friends.

How do you attract such young and fresh minds to your business for employment though? They are so caught up in everything else going on in the world that earning their attention is more difficult than ever. Well, it’s actually a lot easier than you think. It can be done by just simply meeting them on their level.

One way of doing so is to be personable both online (mainly on social media) and in person. Starting conversation first and expressing interest in their wants, needs, and lifestyle shows that you care for them as more than a potential employee. It tells them that you are human and understand them as humans too, not as numbers. That effort can go a long way as it keeps your retail store or restaurant in the back of their minds when applying for positions.

Another way to do this, as described by Forbes, is to be positive. Radiating good vibes from your establishment makes you more likable and draws in the younger crowd like magnets. It also provides a safer space for them to feel comfortable when coming to work, which should always be a goal.

A manner to broadcast your brand across social media to get noticed is by being entertaining. Keep up with the trends online and what people are saying. For example, Wendy’s made this post in late October 2021 that is both in the Halloween spirit and funny, considering the brand pokes fun at itself. Those running the social media accounts respond in a more humorous way by giving themselves a voice that is more like a friend than a corporation.

Sometimes it’s difficult to change up the ways you bring in workers, but these methods could truly help in doing so. Gen Z’ers may be young but they have a hunger like no other. Bringing them into any store or restaurant can help propel business endeavors and boost team morale as they are the most connected people on the planet right now.

This may be a new age group that everyone is learning to work with, but with proper communication and good training, they can do any job they put their minds to.

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