How to Prepare for the New Year

It’s that time of year folks! As one chapter closes another begins to open into a bright and beautiful unknown.

2021 has been hectic in more ways than one so it is understandable that you may be feeling a little leery about stepping into 2022. How will the hourly job market be? Will the minimum wage go up again? Who is now going to be the target market for potential job candidates?

Well, don’t fret. Down below ther are some awesome methods on how you can prepare not only your business, but also yourself personally for the next 365 days.

A great place to start is by promoting and building a strong company culture. Almost half of employees state that the social conditions throughout the business influence their work experience more than a majority of factors. Great culture also creates stronger work engagement and happier employees.

Building positivity throughout your restaurant or store can be done in numerous ways. You can recognize the accomplishments your team members are doing and praise them for their hard work, even possibly providing monetary or other incentives when doing so. Also take time to get  everyone together as a group outside of their hours where you can all relax and bond. The key to strong company culture is starting from within the company itself and building upon it.

Another method to help you prepare for the new year is by altering your approach to hiring. This not only means in the technological sense, such as using artificial intelligence like Chattr to help take on all that work, but also how you may view candidates. A huge area seen when analyzing applicants is seeing their work experience and hiring based on that. Shifting that focus to viewing their skill set instead can possibly earn you a better employee.

Data from Linkedin shows that of all jobs posted on the website 77% focus on a person’s skills over their past work experiences. Past occupational background may only show the extent of a person’s abilities while proficiency in specific areas can display the opportunity for them to grow and learn. These people can help your business boost over the moon if you take a chance on them.

The last method is to be careful when trying to recruit new workers through the incentives of high pay and great benefits. Now this is not saying to not ever do that, but offering something more to a new person who may not even be fit for the role can alienate current employees. The team could feel less morale as they view themselves as not reaching your expectations, considering they are not receiving the same treatment. Throwing money and opportunity at candidates just to bring them on can possibly hurt your business more than help.

Hopefully this article helped shed some light for your business before starting the new year. Chattr wishes you and your loved ones a happy holiday and the best of luck in 2022!

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