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jobs management

  • Branded Job Portal
    Job portal, wrapped in your branding and with your own unique URL. Home to all your jobs on Chattr.
  • Free Job Board Distribution
    All jobs distributed on our free job board network including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Google Jobs,, Facebook Jobs and more.
  • Premium Job Ads
    Sponsored job posting optimized and delivered to over 400 different premium job sites and publishers.
  • Evergreen Job Postings
    Set your jobs to "Always Open" and we'll intelligently refresh the job ads with no work required by users.
  • Industry Specific Job Templates
    Retail, restaurant, hospitality, logistics, call centers and many more.

AI hiring assistant

  • Chattrbot Screening
    Chattrbot pre-screens your applicants as if you're conducting the pre-interview yourself.
  • Customizable Screening
    Use pre built Chattrbot screening templates, build your own or both.
  • Instant Interviews
    Pre-qualified candidates are instantly booked for interviews directly with your hiring managers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Chattrbot will answer frequently asked questions from applicants based on the information you provide.
  • Employer Branding Media
    Have a great employer video or graphics? Chattrbot will serve those up to your qualified applicants, re-enforcing why your company is a great place to work.

interview booking

  • Smart Scheduling
    Chattr intelligently schedules interviews automatically for managers and applicants, never double booking meetings or swamping hiring manager calendars.
  • Automated Interview Change Handling
    Chattr will handle interview cancelations and reschedules directly with the candidate. Changes are automatically updated for the user, so your calendar is always up-to-date.
  • Multi-Person Interviews
    Have more than one hiring manager on a job? Chattr can intelligently handle multi-person scheduling so you'll never miss out on a qualified candidate.
  • Interview Types
    Chattr can schedule in-person interviews, phone interviews, video interviews or at off-site/training locations.
  • Candidate Rediscovery
    Chattr will monitor your applicant database and proactively engage prior applications when an opportunity for employment becomes available.

candidate management

  • Candidate Database
    Chattr candidate database stores all candidate records and associated data including chat application dialogues, application answers, resume and notes.
  • Pipeline Management
    Chattr uses automation and AI to help users stays organized and manage their talent pipeline.
  • Smart Candidate Viewing
    Chattr's intuitive profiles remove the slog of traditional applications by only presenting the information hiring managers want to see.
  • Team Candidate Notes
    Enter detail on each candidate and share across your stores.
  • Status Communication
    Hiring Managers can make status decisions (Hire/Reject) and Chattr will follow up directly to inform applicants of their updated status.

candidate engagement

  • Proactive Engagement
    Chattr engages applicants after their pre-screen and before their interview with proactive reminders.
  • No Call / No Show
    Chattr engages with applicants over text to eliminate no call/no show outcomes.
  • Personalized Candidate Page
    Qualified applicants have access to their own personal Chattr page, providing helpful information about the company, their interview and answer FAQs.
  • Automated Referral
    Applicants you hire can use Chattr's referral feature to recommend other quality candidates and Chattrbot will automatically reach out them and invite them to apply.
  • Text-2-Apply / QR Codes
    Easiest way for job applicants to apply in-store or online.

chattr platform

  • Web & Mobile Optimized
    Accessible by desktop computer, tablet and smart phone.
  • Personalizaiton Customization
    Admins can customize rules and workflows for their entire organization.
  • Role Based Accounts
    User roles can be configured from in-store users, to area managers and corporate users.
  • Analytics / Reporting
    Full analytics suite capable of reporting at the store level to company wide. Includes Chattrbot Metrics, Application Data, Candidate Data, User/Usage reporting and more.
  • Online Help Center / Video Tutorials
    Online help documents for easy lookup.

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Chattr saves my managers so much time so they can focus on the running the restaurant and serving our customers.
Martin Phillips | VP of Operations
Wen-Lake Corp., Wendy's Franchisee

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Chattr helped me restaff my restaurant from Covid so much faster by getting me the applicants I needed while I focused on reopening.
Dustin Choate | Owner
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