Save Money With Automated Hiring

An AI digital assistant powers Chattr’s hiring software for the hourly workforce. This technology eliminates the need for employers to conduct tedious and time-consuming staffing processes manually. Instead, it automates the entire process from sourcing to onboarding and everything in between. Businesses of all sizes can find, hire, and onboard employees easily and efficiently. Chattr’s intelligent algorithms make it easier than ever before to source candidates who are a good fit for your organization while also helping you save time and money in the process. 

The use of automated hiring technology can be incredibly beneficial for small businesses. Streamlined applicant sourcing allows employers to quickly identify qualified candidates and get them into the hiring pipeline faster than ever before. This automation also improves efficiency in the onboarding process, ensuring that paperwork is completed correctly without any delays or errors. Finally, automated hiring tech allows employers to make more informed decisions when selecting new hires, allowing them to choose employees based on skills, experience, qualifications, and more. 

Small businesses using automated hiring tech tend to see a significant quality improvement when choosing their workforce—resulting in higher productivity and lower turnover rates amongst their personnel. Furthermore, this type of technology helps save small businesses both time and money due to its quick completion rate when compared with manual methods of staffing tasks—allowing companies to put resources back into growing their business rather than spending them on lengthy recruitment processes. Studies show that small businesses utilizing automated hiring processes can save up to 50% or more in overall recruiting costs than traditional recruitment strategies such as newspaper ads or job boards alone.

Reduce Time Spent on Administrative Tasks 

Chattr’s automated hiring technology streamlines the administrative functions of the recruitment process, enabling small business owners to save time on mundane tasks and focus on more important activities. With Chattr, businesses can quickly post job openings to various sources, including job boards, social media platforms, career sites, and much more. This eliminates tedious manual postings and ensures that businesses reach a wide range of candidates. Additionally, since all applications come in through one portal, screening resumes is a breeze, as employers can filter out applicants based on their criteria, such as experience and skillsets. This helps employers quickly identify the most qualified applicants and move them forward in the hiring process more efficiently.

Reduced Excess Salary Expenditures

By leveraging Chattr’s AI digital assistant, businesses can create targeted job ads that accurately reflect their desired candidate profile which helps efficiently attract the right people. Its data-driven candidate selection capabilities also allow employers to evaluate applicants based on objective criteria such as qualifications and performance history instead of relying only on subjective judgment from recruiters or managers. This ensures that employers make informed decisions when selecting new hires without wasting any unnecessary time or money. Studies show this approach can result in up to a 40% reduction in salary costs for organizations that leverage data-driven recruitment technologies like Chattr’s AI digital assistant. 

Lower Training Overhead Costs

Chattr also helps small business owners save money by significantly reducing training overhead costs for new employees since this automated system simplifies onboarding processes like paperwork management, background checks, and other compliance-related activities required before bringing a new hire into the workforce. With its intuitive user interface, employers can quickly set up new employee profiles, which allows them to get started faster with minimal effort, thus saving time and money in terms of onboarding expenses as well as lost productivity due to delayed start dates of new hires overall leading to up to 50% savings in training overhead costs compared to traditional methods of recruitment employed by most small businesses today.

Implement a Comprehensive Solution

Chattr provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for small businesses to automate their hourly workforce hiring process. Powered by an AI digital assistant, the platform is designed to save time and money while ensuring candidates are qualified and suited to the roles they apply for. With Chattr, businesses can source candidates, schedule interviews, track applicants, and onboard them quickly and easily, all in one place. This makes finding the right people for the right job much simpler and faster than if done manually. Plus, with automated workflows like automatic emails and reminders, managers can focus on more important tasks while ensuring hiring processes are handled properly every time. 

Automation Scales with Your Business 

The cost savings associated with Chattr’s automated hiring technology are significant – especially when compared with traditional manual methods that involve costly recruitment agencies or third-party vendors. Companies using the technology have reported savings of up to 50% compared to previous manual processes. This is because automation helps streamline the entire process from sourcing through onboarding and eliminates any time-consuming paperwork or administrative tasks that would otherwise have been required. Additionally, automation helps ensure that only relevant candidates are considered for jobs, reducing time wasted on unsuitable applications. 

Chattr Can Help Your Business Today 

Chattr’s automated hiring tech offers a wealth of benefits for small businesses looking to optimize their staffing operations and reduce costs significantly. It provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution that streamlines processes from sourcing to onboarding. It leverages AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP) to ensure that only relevant candidates are considered for positions – reducing both recruiting costs and time wasted on unsuitable applications. And finally, due to its scalability capabilities, companies can immediately start benefitting from up to 50% cost savings, allowing them to grow their team without sacrificing quality or efficiency in their recruiting operation.

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