Why Job Seekers Hate Your Application

What is it about a “submit” button that is so daunting? It is literally one click but in those moments you come to do it, you can’t help but feel a sense of hesitation.

Now this may be from personal experience, but I feel like it’s difficult for me to hit submit when an application is excruciatingly long. It makes me wonder if I messed anything up along the way and possibly missed correcting it when double checking because there is just so much to fill out. Then anxiety kicks in and I just want to send it so that I can get rid of that feeling, thus making me subconsciously rush the process.

There are plenty of other reasons that job hunters don’t like this though. The following thread was started by Reddit user tbclandot92 about why applications in hourly employment are aggravating to them.

“These online applications are ridiculous! Why do you ask me to upload my resume only to have me manually fill out the information again? Why does part of the application include a 1 hr pointless test for a minimum wage position?”

This is frustrating because it takes time out of a person’s day just to write information that was already provided. The longer the process, the more irritated the candidate becomes. That’s why Chattr focuses on collecting information as quickly as possible. As soon as a person applies they are set up to be interviewed by an average time of 3 minutes and 21 seconds, leaving you with the knowledge you need and them satisfied with the speed.

Another big factor that makes the process so dreadful is when a candidate doesn’t hear anything from the business sometime after submitting the application. 

75% of applicants are left without a single word after submission, leaving them in a petrifying mental limbo. This not only ruins chances with that business, but also future ones they are interested in as they want to avoid being ignored or rejected. If a person seems fit or unfit for your position, you should reach out with an explanation on why. This way their spirits are kept high and also paint your store or restaurant in a positive light because it shows that you truly care about potential employees.

You have the ability to change the way job hunters feel about applying and in today’s climate it is definitely an opportunity to jump on. 

Searching for jobs is already stressful enough, let’s not prolong that for candidates who show interest in working at your business.

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