Why You Need Programmatic for Hiring

The new wave of technology brings more than just phones and computers. Bright minds are constantly finding ways to improve the simplicity of work life and help ease the excess stressors that hold some of us back. One huge creation is a concept known as programmatic.

Programmatic is a function that uses artificial intelligence to recognize where job postings are best performing and then funneling money towards those selected sites, better optimizing your budget and chances of receiving more applicants. 

The use of automation like this can benefit hiring managers and companies greatly. 30% of businesses are still manually buying job ads but those that handle programmatic software are twice as likely to speed up hiring over their counterparts and improve the quality of their hires.

That extra weight of going to each individual job site to post applications and track them all by yourself would be no more when investing into this machinery. 

Here at Chattr we even invest our time into these various softwares to best support our customers on their hiring journey. According to an article in HR Drive, programmatic advertising is representing 25% of recruitment advertising at the moment.

Trish Robb of Hinduja Global Solutions blogged about her experience using this new programming and how it has greatly improved not just hiring, but overall employment of the company. HGS decided to move to remote employment in the last year and half which opened up opportunities for job hunters across the United States and Canada. Robb knew that advertising jobs manually was not an option when it came to hiring abroad, so she put her trust into programmatic.

“…It’s enabled us to surge our hiring but without breaking our recruiting budget. Since the software automatically delivers our ads through the most effective online channels, we know that we’re getting in front of the right remote candidates, no matter where they’re located, in the most cost-effective way. And as we continue to face rapid changes that impact the way we hire, and the way that candidates look for jobs, tools like this can help to make sure that we’re ready for whatever the future throws our way,” claims Robb

A software like programmatic can really help improve hiring for you and your retail store or restaurant just like it has been for so many others. It’s time to take a deep dive in this technological advancement and use it to your advantage because it will truly make recruiting a heck of a lot easier. 

Sit back, and let the tech do it for you.

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